Weekly updates (February 15, 2024)

  • Made updates to align with the Tyler Design System:
    • Updated the color picker for domain and custom colors and palettes.
    • Updated options using checkboxes in visualization canvas.
    • Error message updates:
      • 403 when a user does not have access to a Story, Visualization, or Measure.
      • When there is no data to display in a timeline or histogram chart.
  • Resolved an issue where cropping Getty images was not working as expected.
  • Resolved an issue with Stories Flexible Layout Beta causing content blocks to render on top of each other upon publication.
  • Resolved an issue where filtered views containing a parameter were being broken when the base dataset was updated.
  • Resolved an issue where the export modal on the Overview Page was showing the incorrect row count to be exported.
  • Resolve an issue preventing the Overview Page Data tab from filtering on blank.
  • Resolved an issue related to the incorrect translation of English language words into Catalan.

If you have any questions about our platform, please reach out to us at datainsights-support@tylertech.com and let us know!

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