Access Levels in Data & Insights Modules' Administrative Panel

Users can have 3 different access levels in the administrative panel, The access levels determine what modules users can manage and what permissions they have in their configuration settings.

 The ability to access and configure  Data & Insights modules on the admin panel IS NOT determined by assigned roles or permissions assigned to a user on their Data & Insights domain as outlined here

In addition to their domain roles, users have to be given the required level of access to their Data & Insights modules, in order to manage them.

The available access levels are:

  • Administrative Access for select modules: Users can be given access for single modules in their organization. These users can only configure the modules they are added on and will not be able to interact with other available modules.
  • Manager: A user with this access level can configure any module in their organization. For instance, if the org. has a Citizen Connect, Open Budget, and Open Checkbook, they would have access to all the modules and have permission to configure them. In addition to that, managers can grant users access to the Data & Insights modules. They also have access to audit logs.
  • Super Manager: This access level is not available to all users. It is reserved for Data & Insights Implementation Specialists and select users who have it as part of their sales package. Super managers have the ability to configure Data & Insights modules from scratch within their organization space in the admin panel. This is in addition to what managers have access to. 
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