We're Evolving: Brand Changes

We are excited to announce that Tyler Technologies is rolling out a comprehensive branding evolution across all product suites in support of an increasingly cohesive and connected vision. Many of our products, including those powered by Socrata, are getting new, simplified names. These updated names will be functional in nature, making it easier to understand what our products do.

As we’ve continued to innovate and add products to our breadth of offerings, our naming conventions have become increasingly complex. Our new naming strategy, however, will be scalable, well-organized, and easier to understand, and will unify the Tyler brand.

What does this mean for you?

The Socrata brand and its associated offerings will be replaced with new names that better reflect the functionality they represent. 

Since we are simply changing the names of our products, there will be no changes in product functionality or the services you receive. Our focus continues to be a deep commitment to our valued partnership and serving you, your organization and constituents every day.

What names associated with Socrata are changing?

Moving forward, you can expect the following name changes:

  • Socrata will now be known as Data & Insights. 

  • The Socrata Data Platform will be differentiated as follows:

    • Socrata Connected Government Cloud (SCGC) will become Enterprise Data Platform

    • Socrata Open Data Cloud will become Open Data Platform

Other product names will be unchanged, such as Citizen Connect, Capital Projects Explorer, Performance Insights, and Finance Insights (which includes Open Budget, Open Payroll, and Open Checkbook).

When is this taking place?

Feb 2022: The official transition will begin and you will notice the change in our marketing materials. 

March 2022: You will begin to see our new names within your products and in many of our assets and materials:

  • New naming conventions will be reflected in the Data and Insights data platform and modules.
  • Our support knowledgebase, the Socrata Client Center, will transition to its new name of Data & Insights Client Center.
  • Our client training portal, Socrata Education, will transition to Data & Insights Education. 
  • Outdated terms will be replaced by new ones throughout our documentation, including the following:

    • References to Open Expenditures will be replaced by the current name, Open Checkbook.

    • References to Performance Insights Cloud and Open Performance Cloud will be replaced by the current name, Performance Insights.

    • References to Open Finance will be replaced by the current name, Finance Insights.

Throughout 2022: Names embedded in courses, articles, and other materials will be updated as the year progresses. 

Do I need to do anything?

If you would like to prepare your organization for these changes by updating your internal documents, we encourage you to do so. Please reach out to your Client Success Manager or file a support ticket with any questions. 

To read more about the Tyler brand evolution, visit the Tyler blog

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