Using In Dataset Search

"Find in this Dataset"


The "Find in this Dataset" search box can be used to quickly search a dataset for any occurrence of a given search term. Searching using this text box will result in any matching rows of the dataset returned as a new filtered view of the dataset.


This search box uses word stemming, which automatically includes common forms of the same root or base term. For example, searching for "educational" will also match “education,” “educating,” and “educate”. Because of this, there are circumstances where the search box may produce unexpected results, especially when searching for proper nouns, so we'd recommend using the filtering functionality if your search is not returning the results you need. In general, a keyword search is useful only as a shortcut to find known values in a dataset. The filter feature allows more flexibility and control such as the ability to filter a column based on the partial match of a word.

Other data types, such as date fields, are not matched through simple keyword search. To filter a dataset based on date, the more robust filter feature is required.

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