How to Sign Up for a Tyler Data & Insights ID

A Tyler Data & Insights ID, or account, will allow you to log into any Data and Insights open data domain. By default, you will be a community user, able to see only assets that are publically available.  You can create views and visualizations based on these assets, and save them for later use. If a domain administrator assigns you a specialized role, you will be able to see and do more, but only on that domain. See Understanding User Roles to understand more about user roles.


Although you will have different roles on different domains, the account and login information is the same for all domains! Your ID is based on your email address.

The instructions to create a new Data and Insights ID are below.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Sign In button in the upper right corner and then click Sign Up, or, append "/signup" to the URL in step 1.
  3. This will direct you to a Sign Up modal where you can:
    • Enter your email address
    • Enter your desired display name
    • Set your password
      • Your password must be between 8 and 40 characters and satisfy at least 3 of the following criteria:

        • contain a numeric digit
        • contain a lowercase letter
        • contain an uppercase letter
        • contain a non alphanumeric symbol (i.e. $%^@!)
    • Confirm a reCAPTCHA code (this allows our system to prevent automated account signups using this form)
    • Review the Terms of Use



4. Click Create My Account. An email will be sent to the email address you entered with a link to activate your account. Sometimes, email notifications may be routed to your spam/junk email folder; please check your spam/junk email folder if you do not receive the email within a few minutes.

    • For Gmail and Yahoo email domains: Email addresses from these email providers may not receive the email message required to verify their email address if they are requested from certain Data & Insights domains. If you have a or email address, be sure to create an account at

You can then use your email address and password to sign in to a Data and Insights domain by clicking the Sign In button in the upper right corner (for example,


Do you want to be able to identify yourself within another application? Once you create an account, you can set a proxy API Key and Secret Key combination to use for authentication. Or you can set an application token that identifies your application to our system. Check out these articles for more information.
API Keys

Generating API Keys and App Tokens



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