Open A Data & Insights Dataset In Tableau Desktop

Overview: Tableau Desktop is a downloaded Tableau product that allows you to connect to data from various sources and explore that data through charts, dashboards, and analytics.


To open your data and manipulate it using Tableau, you’ll want to first find the OData endpoint for the dataset. Instructions for locating this endpoint can be found in this support article.

Now that you have your endpoint, you’re ready to open up Tableau and get started!

In the left-hand Connect menu within Tableau, go to the To a Server section, click More, then select OData.


This will open up a dialogue box. You’ll paste the OData endpoint for your dataset into the Server field, and add your credentials under the Authentication section if your dataset is private. Public datasets do not require authentication.

Then, simply click Sign In to connect your dataset!


Once you are signed in, you can make use of all Tableau visualization and reporting functionality, using your dataset as the data source! See below for a sample dashboard created using the OData endpoint for a Data & Insights dataset and Tableau.



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