Weekly updates (August 17, 2023)

Deprecations & Removals

We have completed the Data Lens migration to Stories as a part of the larger effort to deprecate Data Lens this year. Between now and the end of 2023, any Data Lenses that remain on your site will be deleted permanently in the next market release. We will provide a reminder in September including exact dates before this happens.

If you have any Data Lenses you wish to retain, we recommend taking the following proactive measures: Create a new Story page and replicate the content to ensure its preservation. This support article walks you through how to accomplish this: How to Replace Data Lens Pages with Story Pages

In this week’s release, we’ve pushed a change to ensure any Data Lenses that have been migrated will automatically redirect to the newly created Story pages. This enhancement provides seamless and uninterrupted user engagement, minimizing potential disruptions during this transition period.

Weekly Updates

  • Resolved various issues with maps where custom color palettes were applied including:
    • Color and sort order not saving
    • Custom color palettes not loading on map in the visualization authoring workflow
  • Resolved an issue in charts where “No Value” was showing up blank in the legend.
  • Resolved an accessibility issue within the visualization authoring workflow. Users are now able to use their keyboard to select a dimension for the visualization.
  • Resolved an issue where column names in the dataset header on the Primer Page were difficult to see.

If you have any questions about our platform, please reach out to us at datainsights-support@tylertech.com and let us know!

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