Data Lens Deprecation: Final Notice (September 25, 2023)

Final removal of Data Lens will occur on December 4, 2023.

Removal will affect the availability of the following:

  • Creating Data Lens pages
  • Editing Data Lens pages
  • Viewing or accessing Data Lens pages

Stories is the alternative to Data Lens

Prior to Data Lenses being removed on December 4, 2023, you can replace any remaining Data lenses with a Story
page by following the instructions in this support article.

Why Stories?

Stories take data visualization and exploration to the next level. They offer you the ability to view multiple
perspectives of data within a single dataset.
Additionally, Stories allow you to seamlessly integrate text,
images, and other contextual information around visualizations, enhancing the storytelling capabilities
of your data.
Over the past few years, we've significantly improved Stories based on your feedback and
evolving data needs.
As a result, Stories now offers a richer, more valuable experience than Data Lens.
They empower you in data exploration, reporting, and public engagement like never before.

For Community Users

Although Data Lens is being deprecated, Stories do not directly replace it in terms of feature parity.

We want to highlight a few important points regarding this transition for community users:

  • Stories cannot be created by community users: Unlike Data Lenses, Stories are not available for
    community users to create.

  • Explore data and derive insights in new ways: We recommend community users explore and use
    the data on your site by either (1) Using the Primer Page and Exploration Canvas or (2) Creating and
    saving visualizations.

  • Tables are not available in the platform visualization canvas: Creating tables is exclusively
    available in Stories. 

Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions!

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