Activity Log Page

The Activity Log page gives Publishers and Administrators a view into the dataset publishing related activity on their site. It shows records for dataset imports, updates, and recent deletions.


Publishers and Administrators can track the most recent data publishing activity on their domain, submitted via the web interface, DataSync, and the publishing API under the Activity Log section in the Administration panel. They can also see a record of all dataset deletions on the domain.



The All tab shows a record for each submitted job and dataset deletion. You can filter this list by Type, Status, and Date range.


You can also use the two other tabs, Data Update Failures and Deleted Assets,  to quickly filter to find only dataset update jobs that have failed or only deleted assets.

Restoring a Deleted Dataset

For up to 14 days after a dataset is deleted, Publishers and Administrators can restore that dataset from the Activity Log page.


When restoring a dataset that has been deleted, only the dataset will be restored. Any derived views, such as a chart or Data Lens are permanently deleted when the dataset is deleted.

Note: You may see several entries for the same dataset if it has been deleted. This is due to the existence of synced copies of the dataset on our backend.

Troubleshooting Failed Publishing Jobs

For Failed jobs, clicking on the View Details link surfaces a window with more information on when the job failed and more descriptive details about the failure.


If you're using DataSync 1.7 or higher to update your data and you selected "Set Aside Errors" from the user interface (or indicated this in your control file), you'll see another status - Completed with Problems.

For jobs that have Completed with Problems, clicking on the link surfaces a window with more information on when the job failed and more descriptive details about the failure. This window will also have a download link for a CSV of the specific rows that failed.



The user can also see an extra column in errors.csv that describes the error per bad row.



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