May 2024 Product Release

Platform Updates

Metadata Management Improvements

With this release we are introducing new functionality that improves the way administrators on the platform can display metadata for an asset, increase metadata completeness, and improve metadata hygiene. Enhancements include:

  • Re-ordering of metadata fields and field-sets in a metadata template. This will enable administrators to display their metadata fields and field-sets in a more logical way on the Overview Page without having to create entirely new fields and field-sets.
  • Derived view metadata inheritance is now a domain wide configuration. This configuration is available to admin and others with access to a metadata template, allowing them to decide whether they want custom metadata field values to be inherited by child assets created off a given asset. Enabling this functionality improves the metadata hygiene of filtered views on the platform, making those assets more easily discoverable and enforcing more consistent best-practice use of metadata across the domain.

Please see this support article for more details: Creating Custom Metadata

Filter Multiple Data Sources with Parameters in Perspectives Stories

We're thrilled to unveil a significant enhancement to Perspectives Stories, introducing the ability to link parameters alongside filters in the Global Filter Bar. This latest feature revolutionizes the way users can filter and query data across multiple data sources within a single Story page, providing a comprehensive filtering and querying experience. Now, users can effortlessly synchronize interrelated parameters from various sources, simplifying the management and ensuring consistency across Stories.

Please see this support article for more details: The Stories Global Filter Bar

Continued Improvements to Perspectives Story Tables

With each market release, we are releasing new features for the tables within Stories.

Now, users can:

  • Format Table Columns: Adjust the appearance of table columns, including date, number formats, and alignment to improve readability and consistency.
  • Change Column Display Names: Customize column headers to be more descriptive and relevant to the report's context.
  • Format Table Headers: Adjust the appearance of the table column headers through color and styling changes.
  • Configure Simple Conditional Formatting by Column: Apply formatting rules for columns based on specific criteria to highlight key data points, making it easier to identify trends and exceptions.

These features collectively deliver a more streamlined and powerful reporting experience, enabling users to effortlessly manage and analyze complex datasets, ultimately enhancing decision-making processes.

Please see this support article for more details: Table Visualization in Stories

Updated Public Catalog Page Filters

Check out the sleek, new design for the filters on your Public Catalog page. While the functionality you've come to rely on remains unchanged (with the exception of adding a quick search the Tags filter), we've revamped the look to bring you a more modern and streamlined experience. And this is just the beginning! The redesigned filters are the first step towards a complete visual overhaul of the entire Public Catalog page. Stay tuned for more exciting updates later this year as we continue to enhance and modernize the data browsing experience.

Embedded Scheduled Send

The Scheduled Send feature allows a user to receive a PDF of a story directly in their email inbox on a regular cadence. The new Embedded Scheduled Send feature allows users to create a Watch on a Story even if that story is embedded within a third-party application through an iFrame. This means users no longer need to be on the platform to create this watch. As long as the user has the correct permissions, they can do so from wherever they are.

Please see the FAQs in this support article for more details: Scheduled Send of Stories 

If you have any questions about our platform, please reach out to us at and let us know!

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