How to Create and Publish a New Dataset

To upload and publish a new dataset:

  1. Log in to your Data & Insights account.
  2. Select "Create" > "Dataset" from the Asset Action Bar. 
    If this doesn’t display, ask your administrator for the appropriate rights
  3. Enter a name for your dataset, and select "Create Dataset."
    Don’t worry about this being perfect; you can change it later!
  4. Select "Add Data."
  5. If you have the data on your computer, either locate it or just drag the file to your window.
  6. Ensure your data looks good. If so, hit "Save."
    See How to Configure Data Types.
  7. Select "Edit Metadata" and update any relevant fields, including adding a description.
  8. Select "Save."
  9. Ready to go? Select "Publish" to select the audience for your data, then select "Publish" again.
  10. You’re done!
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