How to Automate Data from a URL


To schedule data updates from a URL:

  1. Select "Create," "Dataset." 

  2. Name the dataset and select "Create Dataset."

  3. Select "Add Data."

  4. Select the Import Data from URL tab, paste the public URL of a dataset in CSV format, and select "Start Import." (Example:

  5. Configure the column data types, then save and publish.

  6. Select the audience for this dataset, then select "Publish" again.

  7. Go to the Primer page.

  8. From the ellipse menu between "Edit" and "Manage Collaborators," select "Schedule Updates."
  9. Enter the frequency of the updates and the time at which they should occur, then save the schedule.

    Hint: It's usually a good idea to schedule updates for the middle of the night in your timezone.

  10. You may pauseresume, and delete the schedule from the same window where you created the schedule.
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