Editing Data Cell by Cell in the Data & Insights Data Management Experience


The Data & Insights Data Management Experience now supports inline, or in-row, data editing! You can now directly edit individual cells in your dataset from within the platform UI, eliminating the need to upload new source files when making small changes or modifications to your datasets.

There is some simple validation available with this new feature, such as not being able to enter text in a number field, and offering a date picker for date and time fields. Please note that, if you are making cell-level edits to a dataset, you must do so after any relevant data transforms are applied; otherwise, the data transform will overwrite the cell-level edit when it is run against the original data.

Making an Inline Edit on an Existing Dataset*

1) Begin by opening a draft on the dataset whose cell(s) you want to edit. Under "Data Actions," click the "Review Data" button in Review & Configure Data.


2) Once in the data table preview, click Load Published Data to see the contents of your dataset. From here, you can simply double-click any cell to edit or modify its contents. 

3) As you update each cell, click Save to apply your changes. Once all your updates for the dataset are complete, click Save in the data table preview and publish your updated dataset.

Inline Edits in URL Columns

To make inline edits to individual cells containing URL data, you'll want to ensure that your cursor is not placed on the link itself before clicking in to edit. If your URL exceeds the size of the cell, hovering your cursor over that cell will create a pop-out preview of the full URL so that you can validate whether you in fact need to edit its contents.

In this screenshot, the blue arrow indicates cursor placement in the cell, and you can see the pop-out preview of the full URL. As you can see in the lower left corner of the browser window, though, clicking here with the cursor on top of the link will actually open the URL itself in your browser. (The ability to click and open URLs while editing is an intentional feature, since it allows you to quickly validate the URLs in your dataset without manually copying and pasting):


In this screenshot, the blue arrow again represents cursor placement, and there is a pop-out preview of the full URL. This time, however, the cursor is placed within the cell but not on the link itself, so that we can click to open the cell editing tool instead of the actual URL itself:


When editing a URL type cell, you will see the option to edit both the URL and its description. The description field allows you to create hyperlinked text in the cell, rather than a plain URL:


*Note: If you are in the process of creating a new dataset from scratch and want to make an inline edit, simply follow the process in steps 2 and 3 from the data table preview.

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