Automate This: Using Python to Automate Data Updates


When using the Socrata Data Management Experience, you have the option to automate your data updated using the Automate This feature. This feature will generate python code that utilizes our Socrata Data Management API to update the dataset. Using this code will allow you to apply any of the data transforms that you have applied while creating or updating your dataset.

Generating the Code

To get the automation code, you will first need to add data to the dataset through the New Experience. Once your data is uploaded and you have applied transforms, you can select Automate This while in the data preview window.


You can then choose if your automation script should be set up to either replace the dataset or update it. After you select your automation option, a window will appear with instructions including the code generated for your update.


Just copy out the code and use this for your automation. For a complete guide on setting up and running the code in Python, please see the attached document: Socrata Automate This Reference Guide.


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