Feature Requests

Feature requests 

Data & Insights has been built around the needs of our clients. If you have an idea for a new feature that will support the ways you’d like to use the platform, you can submit it for evaluation. Your suggestions are critical for ensuring our products are supporting your organization and the work you are trying to accomplish. The feedback we receive is prioritized based on a number of factors including: the number of clients requesting it, the ease of building out that feature, our existing product roadmap and engineering capacity, client need or urgency, etc. We take your feedback and focus our development efforts on the most important features and enhancements, in addition to our routine work on functional fixes and platform maintenance. 

We believe that it is important to provide insight into our product feedback process, including how your feedback is reviewed and how you can expect to hear back from us. 

Making a feature request 

  • The first step in submitting a feature request is to open a Client Support Request. To do this, simply email datainsights-support@tylertech.com and include the following: your specific request, your use case, this feature’s potential benefits, and any other relevant details (e.g., screenshots).  
  • Our Client Support Team will review your request. First, we assess whether the feature already exists, can be accomplished by a different method, has already been identified for development, or cannot be accommodated.  
  • If none of the above apply to your request, our Client Support Team will summarize the relevant details and submit a feature request to our Product Development Team for evaluation, at which point the Client Support Request will be closed.  
  • The Product Development Team will respond internally to new requests, assigning one of three statuses: Awaiting Feedback, Planned, or Will Not Implement 
  • Your Account Manager or Client Success Manager will update you during your next scheduled meeting to notify you of your request’s status. 
    • Awaiting Feedback: If this status is assigned, we are researching your request and will update the status to Planned/Will Not Implement accordingly within 45 days. During this research phase, the Product Development team may request additional feedback from you or other interested clients, review the existing solutions that exist in the market, and/or evaluate technical feasibility for adding the requested functionality. Please note that if the Product Development Team contacts a requester for further information and does not receive a response within 10 business days, the request will automatically close. 
    • Planned: If this status is assigned, your request was selected for development and once released, the feature will appear in our Product NewsPlease note that we do not guarantee a delivery timeline for planned features, as their development will be subject to our internal development roadmap among other factors. 
    • Will Not Implement: If this status is assigned, we will close the Feature Request. While we can’t accommodate every request, we will assist you in finding a workaround whenever possible! 

My feature request status is “Planned.” Now what? 

If your feature request is selected for development, the Product Development Team will schedule the work into the appropriate development period. Your Account Manager or Client Success Manager will share an implementation timeline with you, if one is available. When the new feature is released, it will be announced in our Product Release notes. If you have not seen the feature announced, that means it is still in development. Bear in mind that certain features may take longer to release if the work includes significant changes to the platform, or dependencies on other planned work.  

We encourage you to check our Product News periodically. You can also follow any section of our Product News to receive email notifications when Product Release notes are published. 

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