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Data & Insights offers comprehensive Customer Support Programs to our customers. The Customer Support Program will be referenced in the license agreement or order form for Data & Insights. This document describes the policies that govern the Data & Insights Customer Support Programs. It defines the Customer Support Programs, their coverage levels, priorities, and response times. Should you require further information, please contact your Data & Insights' CSM. 


Customer Support Programs

We are committed to helping you make your Data & Insights solution a success. We understand that each organization has unique needs, and our Customer Support Programs are designed to let you choose the right program to meet your team needs. To ensure your success, we offer the following customer support plans with various services included as defined by the program.

Support Services Basic Silver Gold Platinum
Phone and Email Support  12x5*  12x5*  12x5*  12x5*
Online Knowledge Base X X X X
Service Level Agreement   X X X
Coaching   30 hours 75 hours 150 hours

*12x5 defined as: 6:00am - 6:00pm PDT, Monday-Friday, excluding US Federal Holidays ("Business Hours") 

Managed Care Programs

In addition to the programs above, Data & Insights offers Managed Care Support services for customers with a custom Data & Insights Solution. A Managed Care Support Program offers technical maintenance to support the long term success of a custom Data & Insights Solution, ensuring that development resources required to maintain the performance of a custom Data & Insights Solution are available.  

Additional Support Services Basic Silver Gold Platinum
Managed Care Program N/A X X X
Development Hours N/A 15 50 150

If you have previously purchased one of our legacy programs such as Support - Premier. Please contact your account executive for more information.

Online Support

Data & Insights Customer Support is a service provided for reporting and tracking issues with the Data & Insights platform and products. It includes the ability to enter new requests and track the status and any updates regarding previously reported issues. The Customer Support Center is accessed through the Knowledge base at Email support allows users to email: to receive assistance over email.

Online Knowledge Base

The Data & Insights online knowledge base is available at The portal provides the online how-to guides, frequently asked questions, videos, and a library of information to support a best practices approach to using Data & Insights. It also serves as a portal for accessing the other support features.

Phone Support

The Phone Support option allows users to call Customer Support Specialists (“CSS”) at 1-(888)997-6762 and receive assistance over the phone. All requests logged over the phone can be statused online.


Coaching hours allow access to one of Data & Insights' Technical Consulting Coaches by phone and screen share. These hours can be used for questions or issues with data ingress, publishing datasets, curating visualizations, creating stories, and other topics once an implementation is complete. A Coaching Session can be scheduled by contacting


Hours of Operations (“Business Hours”)

Data & Insights Customer Support is available during the following business hours (Pacific Standard Time) weekdays 6:00 am - 6:00 pm, excluding U.S. Federal Holidays.

Data & Insights Customer Support will observe the following US Federal holidays (CSS will not be available these days):

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day 
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day

For information at any time on the status of Data & Insights' platform and services, we maintain a status site at We recommend all customers subscribe to updates.  

Submitting a Support Request

Support requests can be logged in the following manner (according to your support plan):

Contact Method Details
Telephone 1-888-997-6762 (toll-free)

A Support request is a single, reproducible problem, issue, symptom or question relating to the Data & Insights software that requires assistance to resolve. Data & Insights will work with the customer contact to resolve the Support Request. Examples of how requests may be resolved (closed) include:

  • The end-user advises that the Support Request is resolved or can be closed.
  • The issue is found not to be due to an error in the Data & Insights software.
  • Information is provided to the end-user on how to correctly use the Data & Insights software.
  • A workaround to achieve similar results is provided and accepted by the end-user.
  • The end-user is informed that a version release that contains the required correction is scheduled.
  • The Support Request is a feature request or enhancement and has been logged with the product team and prioritized accordingly.
  • The Support request is a change in existing functionality and has been prioritized as a product enhancement.
  • The Support Request is identified as a third party vendor issue and the end user agrees that the Support Request can be re-assigned to the third party for resolution.
  • It is determined that the end-user would benefit from additional training and education on the Data & Insights software and recommendations are made accordingly.
  • The issue cannot be reproduced in a standard environment and has been referred to Data & Insights Consulting Services to assess End User local and/or environmental issues.
  • The Support Request has been open for more than 10 consecutive business days awaiting a response from the end-user.

Support Request Handling

There are typically four phases in the process to resolution for a Customer Support Request:

Phase Process Response Definition
Initial Response A Customer Support Specialist reviews logged customer issues and confirms receipt of the issue and has logged all relevant information. The initial response is defined as the time from when an issue was logged by a Customer and the Customer Support Specialist is assigned and confirms receipt of the issue.
Analysis / Problem determination The CSS will analyze and confirm they can replicate the issue. This phase may require the Customer to provide additional information and/or test scenarios. The CSS will determine if the issue is a bug and escalate to the product engineering team for scheduling into an upcoming product release. The CSS may also be able to provide a reasonable workaround. This stage starts the definition of the Resolution response time. The Resolution time is defined as the time from when the issue was replicated to the time a reasonable correction or workaround was delivered to the customer.
Monitor A reasonable workaround or correction has been delivered to the Customer, and the assigned Customer Support Specialist is awaiting feedback from the Customer to verify that the solution resolves the request. The Customer will have up to 5 business days to test and confirm the workaround or correction reasonably resolves the problem.
Close / Resolution The workaround or correction provided has been confirmed to resolve the issue. If a Customer does not provide confirmation within 5 business days after receiving the reasonable resolution, the request will be closed.

Note: All issues confirmed as enhancement requests do not qualify under the SLA commitment policies. These requests will be documented with our product development team for consideration in a future release.

The web interface at is a good method of submitting tickets to the Data & Insights Support team. Customers may submit any issue online, and monitor previously submitted issues. To log an issue, simply send an email to, or call our support line at 1-888-997-6762. 

Customer Support Request Priorities

Each Customer Support Request is assigned a priority by Data & Insights based on the technical severity of the request. The combination of the Customer Support Program and Request Priority determines the SLA commitment time frame. Request Priority is determined by:

  • The Customer’s ability to use the software to execute the intended business function;
  • The extent to which the Customer is unable to perform that function; and
  • The impact on the Customer’s business in the standard use of the functionality as designed by Data & Insights.
Priority Recommended Contact Method Description
Urgent Phone Data & Insights production environment is not available or core functionality is critically affected or data loss or data integrity compromised or widespread failure; no acceptable workaround or alternative solution available.
High Phone Data & Insights production environment is seriously affected; required functionality use is restricted or unusable; no acceptable workaround or alternative solution is available.
Normal Web Data & Insights functionality is restricted but operational, or some operations are impaired; an acceptable workaround or alternative solution is available to resolve the restriction or limitation and allow reasonable use of the production environment.
Low Web Data & Insights is generally unaffected; general usage questions, enhancement requests, product education, change to documentation; an acceptable workaround or alternative solution is either available or not required.

Note: All issues submitted by email will be classified as Normal by default. 

Support Request Target Resolution Times

Customer Support Requests requiring product code changes will not be held to the corresponding Resolution Times; however, in the case of a product defect, with an Urgent priority, reasonable attempts will be made by Data & Insights Engineering to provide a correction and/or Customer Support to supply a workaround. Customer Support Requests are often resolved more quickly than the target times.

First Response Times Basic Silver Gold Platinum
Urgent 2 hours 1.5 hours 1 hour 1/2 hour
High 4 hours 3 hours 2 hours 1 hour
Normal 8 hours 8 hours 4 hours 3 hours
Low 24 hours 16 hours 12 hours 8 hours

Note: All hours refer to hours as counted during our business hours. 

Target Resolution Times* Basic Silver Gold Platinum
Urgent 1 day 1 day 1 day 1 day
High 20 days 15 days 10 days  5 days
Normal 30 days 25 days 20 days 10 days
Low 60 days 30 days 25 days 20 days

Note: Days are defined as Business days. *The response and resolution time targets listed represent a standard of average response and resolution times for all customers over a weekly average for all issues logged, rather than a resolution time for a single issue.

Defect Resolution Process

Customer Support Requests reported to Data & Insights may be confirmed as a product defect. In the event that a product defect is confirmed and a fix is required, Data & Insights will take reasonable measures to ensure a timely release of a fix to the product defect, in keeping with our current standards for software development, testing, quality assurance, and production release.

The following outlines the process for resolving a confirmed product defect:

  1. Customer reports the issue to Data & Insights Customer Support and a Customer Support Request is created.
  2. Data & Insights Customer Support works with the Customer to determine if the issue is a product defect and will document the symptoms and the steps followed to duplicate the issue. A defect report of the issue is created.
  3. Once the issue has been documented, it is escalated to a Data & Insights Engineering Manager for additional troubleshooting and diagnostics. Data & Insights Customer Support will continue to provide updates to Customer.
  4. Upon completion of diagnosis and understanding of cause and definition of correction required, the issue will be assigned to a Product Development team.
  5. The Product Development Team will schedule into the appropriate release cycle and determine an estimated date for the release of the fix.
  6. Quality assurance verifies the fix and confirms the estimated deployment date for the specified defect.
  7. Customer Support will provide updates to the Customer during the process and when the fix has been deployed.
  8. Customer will verify the fix in their environment and confirm it reasonably corrects the defect.
  9. The Customer Support Request will then closed. 

Scope of Support

Support is provided whereby the end-user identifies a reproducible problem or issue related to the Data & Insights software that requires assistance to resolve. 

For information about supported browsers, please visit:

Examples of support requests that are included within a Support Plan:

  • The Data & Insights software does not perform substantially in accordance with the current documentation.
  • The end-user is unable to make the Data & Insights software platform perform substantially in accordance with the then-current documentation
  • The end-user is unable to gain access to the Data & Insights software.
  • The Data & Insights software does not appear to be operational or function as designed.

Examples of support requests that are NOT included within a Support plan (but not limited to):

  • Issues arising where significant training is required to assist the customer. (These will require guiding customers to online education options or their CSM to provide them with an education program that is appropriate.)
  • Issues arising from the completeness, accuracy or quality of data. (These can be resolved with a consulting services engagement)
  • Changes to the Data & Insights environment that would normally relate to implementation activities, such as modifications to customizations, integrations, etc.. (These can be resolved with a Consulting Services engagement)
  • Bug defects caused by internet browsers outside of Data & Insights’ supported browsers.
  • For support requests not included within a support plan, Data & Insights may respond to such requests on a time and materials basis.

Additional components of your Support Plan:

  • New Releases: Features new capabilities and improvements in scalability and performance
  • Maintenance Releases: Incremental changes that address any issues with the software that have been reported by the customer or through Socrata’s own investigations. 

Support Maintenance Schedule

Please see Socrata's Maintenance Window Policy article for more detail.

We at Data & Insights strive to maintain the highest levels of availability for its customer's sites. However, some maintenance may require us to bring our platform down for short periods of time in order to perform upgrades or network changes. This is a standard policy in the SaaS world and gives us the chance to fix bugs, improve security, and add the capability for exciting new features while minimizing the disruption to our customer base.

We schedule maintenance windows once per month where we reserve the option to bring the Data & Insights platform down for maintenance and can be viewed at 

The maintenance window schedule is subject to change. Data & Insights will provide a window maintenance schedule notice upon login for any scheduled maintenance outside of these normally scheduled times.

On-site maintenance notification reminders will be posted publicly on each Data & Insights-powered data site at least 48 hours before the beginning of the maintenance window. An alternative status page will be displayed during scheduled maintenance windows.



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