Software, Development, and Extensibility

Data & Insights is committed to supporting and growing an ecosystem of open source innovation that includes governments, citizens, developers, and businesses who work together to create economic and societal value. Data & Insights is a proud user of open source solutions, our engineers are active contributors to many open source projects, and as a company, we contribute and adhere to open standards around our data and metadata.

Data & Insights is a cloud-based service. This enables Data & Insights to scale, improve our software seamlessly over time, and do things that would not be possible otherwise, like creating the Data & Insights Open Data Network where our customers collaborate and benchmark against each other. We add value by providing a superior, reliable service over any other data platform provider. All data is accessible and retrievable from the system at any time. Our commitment to and advocacy for our customers is what sets us apart and is why we are able to serve our customers better than other solutions on the market.

Software and development tools

Data & Insights publishes one of the most robust APIs available, which we use to build out our products. Our API specifications are available under an open and extendable license, and our libraries, SDKs, and many of our platform components are open source and available on GitHub so that anyone can also contribute and improve these foundations.

View the Data & Insights Github profile.

Built on open source software

The Data & Insights platform is built almost entirely upon open source foundations, such as Apache MesosUbuntu LinuxPostgreSQLRuby on RailsElasticAngularD3.js, and Chef.

Contributing to open source

Engineers at Data & Insights regularly contribute to open source projects, including PostgreSQLScalaJCloudsWAL-EApacheChefBreeze, and Astyanax. Data & Insights has an active community of users and contributors with our API libraries and SDKs.

Open standards for open data

Data & Insights supports a wide array of data and metadata formats to ensure that the data layer — the source of value in open data — is always open and interoperable. Some of the open formats we support include JSON, CSV, GeoJSON, DCAT, and data.json.

Extensibility and interoperability

All data in the Data & Insights platform is easily accessible by outside tools through open connectors, which have been created by Data & Insights as well as third-party customers and contributors.

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