Organization Dashboard: Sites and Users

Administrators for organizations leveraging multiple sites for their Enterprise Data Platform solution can use the organization dashboard to view all of their sites and users in one central location. The dashboard enables the administrator to get an easy, at-a-glance view of the users that are engaging with the sites within the organization. The organization Administrators using the organization dashboard may be the same as the site Administrators for each member site, or they may be administrators from a central office, like the office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO).

The organization dashboard has two tabs: Users and Sites. 

Users Tab

From the users tab, you can (1) add Organization Administrators, (2) filter and search for users within the organization, (3) deactivate a user across all sites within the organization, and (4) export a file listing all organization users.

  • (1) To add an organization Administrator, use the Add Users button in the upper right corner. Simply paste in the email address for the user(s) who should have access to the organization dashboard, and click Submit.
  • (2) The users list can be filtered by Status, Role, and Site.
    • Status: users will either be in Pending, Deactivated, or Active status. A Pending user has been invited to the organization, either on a member site or as an organization Administrator, but they have not yet set up their account. A Deactivated user will be unable to log in to any member site within the organization. The Site filter can be used to filter the list of users to only display users that have a role on the site of interest.
  • (3) Deactivation is a tool organization Administrators can use to ensure that departed employees no longer have access to anyorganization sites. Deactivated users cannot be enabled by administrators on an individual site. To deactivate a user, simply use the Actions dropdown menu to select Deactivate. You can always reactivate a user if needed, and they will regain access to member sites they had previously been granted access to.
  • (4) The Download CSV button in the bottom right corner of the users tab can be used to generate a CSV file listing all users in the organization, their site affiliation, their most recent login timestamp on each site they are affiliated with, and metadata about them including their name and email address.

Sites Tab

The sites tab provides organization Administrators a high-level view of the sites within their organization, including metadata about when the site was created. Organization Administrators can also view a list of all site-level Administrators for each site, including their email address. This information can be used to direct inquiries to the appropriate contact.

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