Domain-Level Custom Color Palette for New Visualizations

Administrators now have the ability to configure domain-wide custom colors and palettes that can be used by users when creating visualizations. To access this functionality, navigate to the Admin panel and click on Site Appearance > Colors tab  

From here, site admins. can create a new custom palette as follows:

  1. Click on Add New Palette
  2. Name the new palette to be created
  3. Enter the color names and/ or Hex codes under the Palette Hex Codes section. The colors can be viewed on the Palette Preview section as they are being entered.
  4. Click on Update to save the changes.
  5. To Delete a custom palette, click on the palette form the Color palette list, then click on Delete.



New custom palettes can be found on the new visualization canvas by clicking on Presentation > Color (dropdown) > Custom as shown below 



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