Public Data Federation FAQs

The below is a list of common questions about federation from Enterprise Data Platforms. This article will be updated with more information as needed.

You can specify an incoming data federation to the Open Data site and an outgoing catalog federation from the same Open Data site. However you can't set up an Internal to Open Catalog and Internal to Open Data Federation between the same two domains (Source and Target).

There is no requirement for owners of assets to have a role in both internal and Open Data sites.

Please note: Assets can only be edited from their "Home" domain.

For Data federated assets, region maps can be created on the target domain using only ready to use boundaries (i.e. processed boundaries that are already available from the drop down options). In this case, users will not be able to generate new boundaries for the data federated asset, because the backend processing required for getting a dataset ready for region mapping requires editing the dataset, which can only be done from the source domain.

Yes, the dataset ID, 4x4, of the asset will be same.

Source and Target domains can have their own set of domain level metadata (Administration ->Metadata). Each domain enforces its native assets metadata requirements (e.g. required fields, categories). Federated assets will carry the metadata from the source domain and the target domain Primer will display the metadata configured.

Please note: Private metadata will not be federated over to the target domain

Data Catalog (/browse) will show the Categories defined at its home domain.

Every asset has a single home where the asset can be edited and so, for the federated asset, the metadata can only be modified at the source domain. Any derived views created at the Target will need to meet the Target domain’s metadata requirements (required, available categories etc..).

If the Public data federated asset becomes inaccessible from changes made from the Source (i.e. audience level: Private/Internal), then the user will receive a message that will warn the user that actions like changing the audience of an asset will affect data federation and provide additional details around what the change entails.

From the Target Open Data, the derived child assets (Charts, Maps etc..) made from the data Federated assets will give the error of“Dataset or View can’t be found, Page Not found, etc. Filtered derived views will still be accessible, without “View Based On” link. This behavior is similar to derived assets created off of a native parent that has private visibility.

There are no notification settings for this at this time.

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