Data Federation for SoQL Views

Data & Insights is excited to announce the release of data federation for SoQL views! Previously, any Enterprise Data domain with an outgoing data federation could not federate tabular SoQL Views. This was because users on open data domains did not have access to a SoQL Query Editor and therefore were unable to create or interact with SoQL views. Now, with the release of the Exploration Canvas and its beta program, we are finally able to enable data-federating SoQL views to participating domains!

What’s included in this feature?

For existing users of domains with an outgoing data federation, federating SoQL views will look and feel very familiar to you. Data federating a SoQL view works the same way as data federating any other type of asset. Once a SoQL view is published publicly it will automatically data federate to the target domain. Users on the target domain will be able to discover the federated SoQL view in the Catalog and Asset Manager, view the primer page, dive into the data using the Exploration Canvas, and create derived views or visualizations off of the SoQL view.

Users on the source domain will be notified when a SoQL view they want to publish will federate and when an asset they are viewing is data federated.

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Roled users on the target domain will be able to see information about which SoQL views are data federated and their source domains.

Unroled users on the target domain will not be exposed to any information about the incoming federation, but are still able to interact with data federated SoQL views. Data federated assets will appear native to to target domain for unroled users.


Not currently using data federation, but interested? Check out the following articles to learn more about data federation:

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Yes, if you join two datasets together on your internal domain and publish that SoQL view publicly that SoQL view will still federate.

No, the parent datasets of your SoQL view do not have to be published publicly on your internal domain nor do they need to federate in order for the SoQL view to federate.

Yes, users can accomplish this with the Exploration Canvas on the target domain.

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