October 2022 Product Release

Exploration Canvas Enhancements

We are continuing to make enhancements to our Exploration Canvas surface to ensure it is the easiest and most intuitive way for you to shape and prepare data on your domain. We have added 2 enhancements in this release to make exploration and shaping easier than before:

  • Frozen Column Headers - Now all of the columns on the table in the Exploration Canvas will be frozen so that as you navigate the table the column headers remain fixed as the data scrolls behind them ensuring you know which columns are which, and keeping the column actions menu available for each column no matter where you are in the table

  • Undo/Redo - There is a new undo and redo button added to the Exploration Canvas that allows you to step backward and forward in your changes that have been applied to a draft view. For the duration of your session you can undo or redo changes you’ve made to the data such as filters, grouping, joins, and even changes you’ve made directly in the SoQL Query Editor. Changes to draft column metadata can also be reverted or re-applied as long during the course of your session as well.

Please see this support article for more details: Introducing the Exploration Canvas (Beta)

Fiscal Years as Filters

Fiscal years are widely used across governments for financial reporting. Site Administrators can now define a domain-level fiscal year most relevant to their reporting and data needs. This configuration can power two key pieces of functionality on your domain.

When you select a fiscal year start month and have Performance Measures enabled on your domain, any newly created measures with a quarterly reporting period will use this configuration.

Users can also filter Visualization and Stories by the fiscal year when you enable a fiscal year start month.

Please see this support article for more details: Configure a Domain-Level Fiscal Year

Flexible Story Layout Beta for all

Stories are becoming more flexible and dynamic in their layout! All domains with Stories enabled will now be able to drag and drop components into the Story Canvas and resize and rearrange them as needed!

You no longer are confined to the pre-selected content block options; instead, you have more control over the layout of your Story!

This Beta period will allow you to test out and provide feedback on this new feature before it's finalized and made generally available.

Please see this support article for more details: Flexible Layout Beta Overview

Dataset Archiving

We are excited to announce a brand-new feature: Dataset Archiving. Users will now be able to enroll datasets in archiving, an in-platform way of capturing data and metadata related changes that occur on a dataset!

A history of dataset changes will be displayed on the primer page of that dataset, visible to users who have access to that dataset.

Users with correct permissions will be able to interact with the history of a dataset enrolled in archiving. They will be able to export a previous version of a dataset, and even revert a dataset back to a previous version!

Please see this support article for more details: Introducing Dataset Archiving

M-21-31 Compliance

With the introduction of Memorandum M-21-31 to our Federal customers, we have made certain event logs available via API. This endpoint will provide Federal customers with the event logging data needed to achieve EL1 and EL2 maturity.

Please see this support article for more details: Audit Endpoint Overview

Alphabetical Metadata Attachment Ordering

Publishers are now able to alphabetically order their metadata attachments! In the publishing and editing process, publishers will now see an option in the Attachments section to order attachments in both ascending and descending order.

Please see this support article for more details: Using the Data & Insights Data Management Experience

Blob / Large File Upload Support

Publishers can now upload tabular data without it being parsed. This means that blobs and other large files will be interpreted on the platform as blobs, providing a more performant experience to publishers working with large amounts of data.

Please see this support article for more details: Using the Data & Insights Data Management Experience

Curious about other areas of the platform? Visit our Performance or Enterprise Data Platform release notes for more! Or give us a shout at datainsights-support@tylertech.com with questions or ideas.

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