Community Created Content

What is Community Created Content?

When Data & Insights data consumers from across the world encounter public data on an Open Data site, they often create and save their own charts, maps, and filtered views. Each of these assets - collectively known as “community content” - is indicated on an Open Data site by a blue community label and “badge”. This badge serves to communicate to other data consumers that these assets, while valuable, may not be truly “official” - they were not directly provided by members of the publishing organization.




Who can create Community Content?

Community content can be created by any user who has a Data & Insights account and is logged in to the site but is not a member of the organization and/or does not have an official role on the site. We refer to these users as “Community Users” as they are often members of the community who would like to contribute their data analyses and visualizations to the organization’s open data catalog. Any asset created by a Community User will be considered a Community asset by default.


What types of assets can Community Users create?

Community Users can create filtered views and visualizations (charts, graphs, maps, etc) using any public dataset on a Data & Insights site. It’s important to note that Community Users are able to update the metadata on the assets they create and those updates may not be reviewed or approved by the site’s publishing organization. This means that the title, description, category, tags, data provider, and other metadata may not be accurate on community-created content.


How do I know if an asset is official or community created?

Community assets all display a blue Community Content icon and label next to the asset title. You will also see a Community Created message in a blue banner on the Primer and Grid View pages of any Community Created asset. Any asset that does not have the Community Created icon and label is an Official asset that was created by members of the site’s publishing organization. You can also try using the Authority filter in the Data Catalog to view all the Official content or all the Community Created content published on the site.

Note: Not all Open Data domains have an Authority filter or community assets in their Data Catalog

Image showing the Authority filter on a Data Calalog page.png


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