What is Access Control?

Tyler staff may access your Data & Insights site to troubleshoot and solve issues you or your team report. This access allows Tyler to quickly respond and troubleshoot reported issues, as well as proactively identify issues as or before they arise.

What is Access Control?

To provide Site Administrators a greater degree of visibility and control over who can access the assets hosted on your Data & Insights site, Access Control enables enhanced access controls by disabling Tyler access to Data & Insights platform sites, allowing clients to explicitly and situationally grant administrative access to Data & Insights platform sites. Access grants are time-bound and revokable, providing clients the ability to more closely manage site access by Tyler staff. 

Access Control Features

With Access Control enabled, Site Administrators can then track the following events on their Data & Insights platform site:

  • Tyler admin is granted access and by whom (Activity Log)

  • Tyler admin logs into site (Activity Log)

  • Tyler admin access grant expires (User Management page)

  • Tyler admin access is revoked and by whom (Activity Log)

Enabling Access Control

If you would like this feature enabled on your site, a Site Administrator may reach out to datainsights-support@tylertech.com to initiate the process. Once the Support Team confirms the request, Access Control can be enabled within one business day.

Once enabled on your site, Site Administrators will find a new tab under User Management. Site Administrators may use this page to explicitly grant Platform Administrators access to your site whenever you need someone from Tyler to review your assets or configuration.


Granting Tyler Access

Once Access Control is enabled, simply navigate to: Admin > User Management > Platform Admin Access > Grant Platform Admin Access to grant access by submitting the Tyler staff’s email address. This access will expire after one, two, or three days based on the option you select. 

Note: The ability for our Support Team to more quickly troubleshoot issues will be reduced if this feature is enabled, particularly if there is a need for Engineering Team investigation. When submitting Support Requests, please instruct requesters to grant platform administration access so that we can assist you as quickly as possible with your support request.

Tyler has invested heavily in security and privacy programs and controls and takes security very seriously. Tyler reserves the right to access Data & Insights sites in certain situations. 

Revoking Access Control

Site Administrators may revoke existing grants at any time before they expire. To do so, simply navigate to Admin > User Management > Platform Admin Access > and Revoke Access.

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