Authentication Provider Migration FAQ

Why is this migration needed?

Tyler Data & Insights has been using Auth0 as our FedRamp certified identity and access management provider, and for the configuration of all of our SSO connections. In May of 2021 Auth0 was acquired by Okta, and has since moved to end support for the service that D&I employs in favor of Okta’s market-leading, FedRAMP in-scope SSO service. Since our previous service has reached end of support, D&I must migrate all SSO connections from the current Auth0 system to our new Okta provider to remain compliant with FedRAMP and other security standards.

What does this migration mean for my organization and users?

Broadly, nothing will change for the users of the domains, they will still be able to use SSO via identity provider to log into the Tyler Data & Insights domain. However a new SSO connection from your IDP will need setup again as part of this migration. This will look very similar to when the organization originally configured SSO with D&I.

What does this migration process involve?

Our Support and Client Success teams will reach out to you to each client who will require migration with instructions on what is needed on your side to complete the migration. They will provide you with the parameters needed by your IDP administrator to begin the setup of a new connection. This email will also include the SSO connection information and configuration requirements we need back from you in order to complete the setup.

Once Tyler D&I has all of the required information to setup the SSO connection we will manually test it. If there are any issues the support team will reach out to the IDP administrator to troubleshoot the connection. After everything is tested and configured properly the support team will update the domain to use the newly configured SSO connection.

Who will I need to include from my organization to accomplish this?

You will need someone from your IT team with administration capabilities for you IDP provider. If everything is configured properly an IDP administrator should have all of the information from your initial outreach email to get the connection setup and get the required information back to us. If there are any issues during manual testing our support team will need to connect with one of your IDP administrators to troubleshoot the connection settings.

When does this migration need to occur?

This migration will happen in a couple phases. When the client support team reaches out they will indicate a timeline and deadline for migration for your domain. The first phase of migrations required for any clients subject to FedRAMP must be complete by the end of year in 2023. Remaining clients will be notified in the beginning of 2024 for timelines on their migrations.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please reach out to your Client Success Manager for more information about this migration. If you don’t know how to contact your Client Success team please reach out to our Support team via the Tyler Data & Insights support page.

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