Manage user accounts and assign roles

As an Administrator on a Data & Insights data site, you can delegate tasks to other users by granting them special roles on your domain, allowing them to create and manage datasets and perform other tasks. For information on the different roles that are available, see the Understanding user roles article. To manage user accounts and assign roles, link to the "Users" page from the Administration panel of your site.


By default, only user accounts with roles on your domain are displayed on the Manage Users page. The default list will not include users who have signed up for a public account using the "Sign Up" link on the login page of any Data & Insights data site.

The list includes the following fields:

Name: the user’s name

Email: the user’s email

Role: the user’s current role on the site

Actions: clicking the dots here will allow you to remove a user or reset their password. Removing a user’s role will not delete the user's account or affect any datasets or views they previously created. It will remove their role and any associated capabilities on your domain, returning them to public user status.

Last Active: this field indicates the most recent date/time that a user’s account took action on this data site. For many users, this will be the most recent time they took an action while signed into the site (e.g. signing in, creating a visualization, updating metadata, etc). For certain users who have automated data update jobs running with their account, this may indicate the most recent date/time their account updated data.

Updating Roles

To update a user role in the default list, click the role and select the desired option from the expanded menu.

Assigning Roles and Creating User Accounts

To assign a role to a user, assign the desired role using the "Add New User" option at the top right of the Manage Users page. This will generate an e-mail to the user notifying them of their pending role on your domain. This process should be used for users who already have an existing Data & Insights account as well as for users who still need to create an account. Users who do not yet have a Data & Insights account will receive instructions for creating one in the notification email they receive once you grant them a role on your domain.

Note: The emails will need to be in all lower case.

Disabling Users

Site administrators can disable user accounts using the User Management tool. This is done simply by clicking the menu under Actions, then selecting Disable User. Disabled users remain in the user list, but are greyed out and have a "Disabled" badge to differentiate them from the rest of the user list. Disabling a user will prevent them from being able to log in to the domain at all, regardless of whether they own assets.

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