Socrata Publica Release Notes for 1/5/2017: Small Updates & Bug Fixes

Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Small updates and bug fixes for Primer
    • Fixed a button-overlap issue on Primer pages. All buttons and dropdowns now respect the proper overlap ordering.
    • The lock icon next to the dataset title, indicating a private dataset, has returned after being accidentally removed.
    • If you have set a custom resource name for your dataset’s API, for example, the custom resource name will now be displayed on Primer pages.
    • If you have “Contact Dataset Owner” disabled for your site, the button to contact the dataset owner will no longer appear on Primer pages.
  • There is a new “License Type” option for datasets: “See Terms of Use.” You can add this new license to any dataset by editing the metadata for that dataset.
  • The Asset Inventory dataset now contains a field for “View Moderation.” If you have this feature enabled on your site, you can now filter your asset inventory to reflect items that are pending, approved, or rejected.
  • The “Profile” button, which contains a dropdown with links to your Profile, Administration, and Sign Out, now displays your username in the text.
  • Abierto! Apri! The nomination statuses for dataset nominations (ex: Approved, Pending) are now properly localized to the language used on the Socrata site.
  • Fixed an issue on some datasets where longer metadata fields were not displaying the full text.
  • Fixed an issue where some users were getting “Site Unavailable” when trying to add a new metadata category.


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