Socrata Performance Release Notes for 3/17/2017: New Goal Authoring Experience

A New Goal Narrative

It’s now easier than ever to create and edit your Socrata Performance goal pages with rich descriptions and multimedia content. Based on extensive feedback from our Performance users, we are launching a new and much-improved goal editor.

Here are just some of the top new features you’ll see as you start using it:

  • A new drag and drop editor: Select various content blocks to add, and then simply drag them onto the page to start adding content.
  • Draft and published states: Previously, any edits you made to a goal page appeared instantly for the public. Not anymore! Make as many edits as needed to the narrative, and when you are ready to go you can publish your changes for the world to see.
  • More media types: You can now add an embed from almost anywhere on the web. So get those YouTube videos, interactive CartoDB maps, Twitter feeds, and Wufoo forms ready for primetime!
  • New data visualizations: With the new editor, you can now create charts and maps from the new visualization library directly in the goal page.


Once the new editor is enabled on your site, any time you “edit” a goal your existing page will automatically launch in the new editor. And with the new draft feature, you can edit goals in the new experience for as long as needed until you are ready to publish the new versions.

Because there are features in the new editor that didn’t exist before, it is difficult to transfer edits from the new editor back to the old editor. So when you, as a site Administrator, are ready to start using the new editor for goals across your Performance site, please let your Customer Success Manager know, or email, and we will turn it on!

Read the Knowledge Base for more details on how the new goal authoring works.


Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some new Reports were giving a “Page not found” error after being saved.
  • Publishers were temporarily unable to add images to goals using the new goal authoring experience. This has been fixed.


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