Perspectives Release Notes for 11/11/16: New Visualization Features and Printing

Check Out The Latest Visualization Features

We continue to iterate rapidly on the new visualization library, expanding both the types of charts as well as the configurations options available for those charts. Here’s the new functionality we built and released recently:

  • A brand new visualization type: the pie chart!

  • The point size on map can now be customized to the desired size.
  • If you are midway through creating a visualization and just want to start over, you can now quickly reset to the initial configurations and begin again.
  • You can now specify a custom minimum and maximum value on the y-axis of charts. 

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how the visualization library works.


Print Your Story

Despite the fact that more and more content is becoming electronic by default, there is still a common need to print to paper for situations such as approvals or editing. To help support this frequent request from users, you can now print your Perspectives story directly from the edit menu.

Read the Printing pages with Perspectives how-to article, and check out these Knowledge Base articles for more details on creating and managing stories.


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