Perspectives Release Notes for 1/24/2017: Content Swap and Refreshed Layout for Visualization Editor

Swap It!

Have you ever created a new story, and at the end of editing decided that the image you uploaded would look better in the place where your chart currently is, and vice versa? Instead of removing that chart only to re-create it in the new location, you can now select “Swap” and pick the content block you want to swap it into.

In addition to swapping out content, you can also now clear the contents if you change your mind and want to start over with an empty block. Both swapping and clearing contents are available for any rich-media content block in your story, and will make story editing much easier and faster.

Now that you can move or remove content later on, there are no more excuses to delay drafting your next data story!


More Easily Refine Your Next Data Visualization

As more and more configuration options are added for creating visualizations using the new library, we did a little re-organization to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

In order to tweak various knobs and dials to make your perfect visualization, select one of the configuration categories on the left side, and edit away!

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how to create visualizations.


Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Improved spacing with the page layout when printing from Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue causing certain iFrames to not properly work as HTML embeds.
  • Added support for mailto links, so you can now add a mailto hyperlink following this format:
  • Fixed an issue where hidden columns from a dataset were appearing in the tables used on Perspectives stories.
  • Updates and fixes for new visualization library
    • Fixed an issue where the axis titles were not properly swapped when changing from a bar chart to a column chart.
    • Made accessibility improvements to the visualization editor.
    • Fixed an issue that wasn’t allowing an expanded description box to remain expanded.
    • Fixed an issue where the measure selection dropdown was not scrolling properly for a longer list of possible measures.


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