Socrata Publica Release Notes for 3/2/2017: Data Jobs Status Filter

Find Failures Faster

The Data Jobs page has become the go-to-resource for many Administrators and Publishers to track their automated data jobs. Because even automated jobs occasionally encounter errors, we recently added a new filter to this page, “Status”, so that users can identify jobs with errors more easily, and thus take action to correct these errors when necessary.


Quickly identifying and resolving data update errors will help you maintain the high quality, up-to-date data you publish for your organization. Happy publishing!

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how the Data Jobs page works.


Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a user was unable to publish a working copy.
  • Receiving unwanted emails is never a good thing! We fixed an issue where users were receiving emails from Routing & Approval after the feature had been disabled.
  • We inadvertently removed the option to “moderate” a dataset nomination, and instead Administrators could only approve or reject. This issue has been resolved, and Admin can now moderate a nomination to an “open” status again.
  • Occasionally, the last updated date for a dataset was displaying a later date in the catalog view than the actual dataset. This is now fixed.
  • The mobile design for the new login experience has been improved, making it easier to sign into your Socrata site while you are on-the-go.
  • The text on the “videos” page will now be translated to languages other than english if additional languages are configured on your Socrata site.


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