Setting Up Single Sign-On

Before we can set things up on the Data & Insights side for Single Sign-On, you will need to set up a trust relationship with Data & Insights. (Active Directory provides security across multiple domains through interdomain trust relationships). To do this, follow one of these two sets of instructions depending on your identity provider and file a support ticket by emailing with the requested information to complete the setup.

Please provide this information to kickstart the SAML setup process:

  • All Data & Insights-powered sites associated with your organization
  • The name of your Identity Provider (IdP)
  • E-mail domain(s) that will be using SSO to sign into your site
  • Sign-in URL
  • Sign out URL(optional)
  • IdP Issuer URI
  • X509 Signing Certificate in PEM or CER format
  • User ID Attribute (First name, last name, and email attributes are required for the setup)

What next?

After we receive the above information from you, we will set up a connection and provide you with the parameters  you will need to set up the connection with your Identity Provider. 

Then, we will arrange a time to begin testing the connection. Typically, we perform testing on a test domain.  We configure the SSO connection on that domain and test the login flow using test credentials. Testing can also be done on a call that the support team will schedule. 

After a successful testing period, we will enable the SSO connection on your domain. 

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