Publica Release Notes for 7/27/2017: Search Auto-Complete

Catalog Search Auto-Complete

Searching for data in a catalog can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. What should you search for? What data is available? What query is guaranteed to provide the most relevant results?

Now, with the introduction of catalog search auto-complete - available via your Socrata site’s data catalog and search bar in your site’s branded header - searching for data has become much easier.

This feature will enable data users to quickly find and select from a generated list of values as they type, leveraging Socrata’s powerful search capabilities.


Even better, this feature has a noticeable impact on the ability of users to find the data they are looking for, improving search click-through rate by around 30%.

As always, enhancements to Socrata’s catalog and search capabilities are also available for external developers to use. Explore the Public API documentation here.

Happy searching!


Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Sometimes the preview images for featured content on catalog pages were not loading correctly. This has now been fixed.


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