Open Data Release Notes for 12/2/14

As a reminder, throughout the new Open Data Technology Preview, we'll be posting regular release notes to keep you and your teams appraised of new capabilities, changes we make in response to your feedback, and bug fixes.  

These notes do not pertain to Socrata products other than the new Open Data experience.

Automatic Dataset Category Assignment

Our Analytics team have improved the accuracy of automatic dataset categorization from 73% to 90%.  

While not yet exposed in the preview, this backend service will eventually assist in catalog management and cross-catalog and even cross-domain search and data discovery.  

Region Search

It is now possible to perform a search or cross-filter within a customer-provided boundary region.  This will allow you and your colleagues to load Shapefiles and other boundary data to use as a Region Map Card for filtering other cards or to use as within-polygon query parameters via the API.  

Boundary-based search and filtering enables end-users to interact with data in a much more natural and intuitive way.  

Platform Stability

Over the last two weeks, we focused on the resiliency of our systems to prevent partial outages.


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