Open Expenditures Release Notes for 1/18/2015

As part of continually improving our products, we've squashed bugs and made some improvements to Open Expenditure.

Performance Boost

  • Faster! We've built some new data loading smarts to Open Expenditure. All customers will notice substantially faster page load times.

Enhanced Date Comparisons 

  • A handy menu next to each graph now lets users compare between any two time ranges, not just against the previous fiscal year. 

Better Mapping to Customer Organizations

  • Customers can now specify how many levels of hierarchy Open Expenditure should present to properly represent their organization. Customers can have up to six levels of depth. 

Customizable Tab Icon

  • Customers can now customize the browser tab icon. By default, this will display a Socrata logo .

Bug Fixes

  • For some customers, on-page text was not being displayed in the intended "Proxima Nova" font.
  • Added further data validation checks to ensure that all information will display properly.
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