Open Data Release Notes for 2/13/2015

We’ve added new functionality to the Open Data Technology Preview.  These changes are intended to continually improve the new dataset experience.

  • Added site logo and sign in links to the page header
    • Now the new view curation page will look more complete with your site logo.  The Socrata support team will work on customizing the site logo for customers in the tech preview program.
    • You can also log in and log out from the header instead of having to navigate to the /login page to do so.

  • The “source dataset” link in the Info Pane goes to the dataset page
    • previously the link took users to a page displaying only the metadata of the view
    • now the link directs to the dataset page that contains the source data as well as the metadata
    • this enables you to more easily interact with the source dataset that’s powering the view

  • Negative number support in column charts and region map cards
    • with the introduction of the aggregate by sum function, it’s now possible to have negative numbers in charts.  
    • we’ve added support for displaying negative numbers.  this is a natural extension of your ability to visually tell your story.

    • negative numbers in region maps appear in orange 

Selected Bug Fixes and Patches 

  • Fix for extra 1’s in the x-axis date label: previously, dates after the year 2000 were displayed with an additional 1, e.g.  “Apr ‘14” displayed as “April ‘1 14”.

Note that the above releases notes are not exhaustive.  Release notes for other products can be found on this site as well.  

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