Open Performance Release Notes for 3/20/15

Continually enriching the user experience is very important to the team here at Socrata. Throughout the year, we develop new features and incremental user enhancements, documenting our progress via these corresponding release notes. These improvements are delivered to our customer sites transparently and require little to no effort on your part. You can find the full list of Open Performance release notes here.

This document summarizes the Open Performance feature development work and fixes we’ve implemented in the first two weeks of March, 2015. 


New Features

Previously, Open Performance reported the status of each goal (On Track, Near Target or Needs Improvement) using the intersection of two lines: 1) the horizontal line connecting the last datapoint entered and the current date, and 2) the linear trend line connecting the earliest datapoint and the target objective. So on the example chart below, even though the most recent datapoint entered was below the trend line in the green zone, the goal status would quickly turn from On Track to Needs Improvement and the current date progressed further to the right. 

Based on user feedback, we changed how the goal status is automatically calculated and reported.  Now, the status always reflects the most recent datapoint entered.  As you see on the example chart, the status is On Track because the last datapoint fell into the green zone, and it will continue to report On Track until another datapoint is entered that changes the status.

And if a user has previously selected to override the goal status, the goal will continue to reflect this manually selected status.  As always, this functionality will always be available for the publisher in the Progress Settings section of the goal configuration wizard. 


Selected Bug Fixes and Patches

The automatically generated goal status now always correctly reflects the tolerance interval (the optional yellow band that runs parallel to the trend line).  Previously, some goals would report Needs Improvement when the chart clearly showed a datapoint that should have been reflected as a Near Target status.

When a new Open Performance site moves into Staging Lockdown before going live, the components within the goal tiles and the goal page chart now load and render correctly.

The goal creation wizard no longer immediately flags goals for retirement when the publisher selects an end date that occurs in the past.

The fly-out box for the trend line renders correctly in Firefox and no longer overlaps the goal summary section.

Disabling the trend line no longer shows the trend line fly-out box. 

When selecting a dataset from Recent Datasets, a spinner now lets the publisher know that the tool is processing the request.

When creating a Related Measure, all elements in the "Selecting a dataset from URL" section now line up correctly. Similarly, the Related Measure summary box now formats correctly.

The text within goal tiles now renders correctly; lengthy measures no longer break out of the goal tile border.

Non-permissioned users (i.e. public users who have created an account) no longer see data governance flags on the goal tiles.  Users with Publisher and Editor rights will continue to see the flags when logged in.

Selecting a new dataset for a goal that uses the Filtered Views setting now correctly populates the Filtered View categories with new options as determined by the dataset fields. 


Note: the above release notes are not exhaustive.  Additional Open Performance user documentation can be found here.  Visit for user documentation, how-to guides and best practice material.

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