Open Data Release Notes for 4/3/2015

As we progress further into the technical preview period we’re making changes to integrate Data Lens into the rest of the Open Data experience and adding more quality improvements and polish on the experience.   

  • Simplified creation and management of Data Lens views
    • Earlier in the technology preview, publishers could create many Data Lens views for a single source dataset using the “Save As” button.  Based on user feedback, we decided to simplify the creation and management of Data Lens by limiting to one Data Lens view per source dataset.  This allows us to introduce Data Lens to citizen users in the future without overwhelming them with many more items in the catalog.  Citizens can explore the dataset using Data Lens and learn that Data Lens is a combination of tabular view, charts and maps.  
    • Further, since only publishers can create Data Lens views, every Data Lens view will be official data provided by the dataset owner.  This give publishers maximum control over how the data is presented in this new Data Lens experience.
    • As a result of this change, we have removed the “more views” link and the “save as” button. 
  • Data Lens views listed on the profile page 

    • for users with Publisher and Administrator roles, they will now be able to find Data Lens views on their profile page
    • we have introduced a new filter so that you can easily find all your Data Lens views on your profile page. 
  • New banner for Data Lens

    • The button to go from the source dataset to the Data Lens view just got a facelift!  This new design better indicates what users will see when they click on the button to visit the Data Lens view.

Selected Bug Fixes and Patches

  • Fix for SUM function not available for currency columns
    • previously, columns with the data type “money” could not be aggregated by the SUM function
  • Fix for saved date filters not being highlighted
    • previously, when a Data Lens view is saved with a date filter, such as Jan. 1, 2013 - Jan. 1, 2014, when you revisit the page at a later time, the filter is saved but the filtered dates are not highlighted on the Date Card.
  • Fix for the Search Card not cross filtering correctly
    • previously when there was a search term typed into the Search Card and a filter is applied on another card, the search results did not correctly filter.
  • Preserve number precision between Data Lens view and source dataset
    • previously, when precision of a number column didn’t match with the same column in the Table Card, e.g. 1000 becomes 1000.00.
  • Error message when source dataset contains unsupported data types
    • previously when the source dataset contains one or more of the unsupported data types, the page is blank
    • Now the card will display the error message, “invalid visualization”, when attempting to visual an unsupported data type.
  • Fix for null dates showing up as “Invalid Date”
    • previously, when dates are NULL in the source dataset, the Table Card displayed “Invalid Date”.  Now they’re shown as blank values the same way as they’re treated in the source dataset table.

Note that the above releases notes are not exhaustive.  Release notes for other products can be found on this site as well.

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