Open Data Release Notes 7/16/2015 - User interaction improvements and bug fixes

Selected Bug Fixes and Patches

  • Fix for flyout text getting cut off in embedded objects using the Socrata Social Data Player
    • previously, when when a flyout contains text is too big, not all the text is visible in the embed
  • Added an info message when the SUM aggregation function is not available in Data Lens for datasets with number columns
    • previously, users did not get any feedback to let them know why SUM was sometimes not available as an aggregation function
  • Made an improvement to the interaction of the data table in Data Lens so that the table only starts scrolling when the cursor has reached the bottom of the page.
    • previously, the data table would start scrolling such that users had a hard time navigating to the bottom of the Data Lens page
  • Made a change to prevent publishers from making the Data Lens title multi-line
    • keeping the Data Lens page title on one line ensures the title displays properly in the catalog
  • Made an improvement to support column descriptions in Data Lens that include special characters such as “<”
    • previously having special characters in the column description would cause the Data Lens page to not render correctly

Note that the above releases notes are not exhaustive.  Release notes for other products can be found on this site as well.

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