Open Data Release Notes for 8/28/2015 - Distribution Chart and Customize Mode Enhancements

Data Lens Distribution Chart: Show Small Range as Columns

  • We made an improvement to automatically display the distribution of values as a histogram rather than a distribution curve when the absolute range of values in a column is <= 20.
  • Displaying as a histogram allows public users to easily see the distinct values in the column rather than bins of number ranges.  This helps users derive more precise information from the visualization.

Data Lens Customize Mode: Show Page Layout Guidelines

  • We have improved the customize mode in Data Lens to provide more clear guidelines on how cards can be laid out on the page.  
  • This allows publishers to more easily configure the layout of the cards on the page to convey information in the desired order to public users.

Selected Bug Fixes and Patches

  • Improved the text on the button when exporting a visualization as an image from Data Lens
    • previously the button says 'Downloading' after download complete, now it says “Done”
  • Fix for error messages appearing momentarily before Data Lens Point Maps successfully loads
    • now the error message does not appear while the map is loading

Note that the above releases notes are not exhaustive.  Release notes for other products can be found on this site as well.

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