Open Data Release Notes for 8/23/16: Improvements to the Dataset Landing Page Preview and Data Lens

Small Updates & Bug Fixes

Fixes and improvements for the dataset landing page preview:

  • Dataset landing pages no longer lose their featured content when they go through a publication cycle
  • “Related content” tiles now properly display an image from the underlying asset
  • Fixed a formatting issue with the mobile version of the dataset landing page where the metadata tabs flowed outside the page layout
  • Boosted Data Lenses and Stories in dataset landing page as derived results
  • For accessibility enhancements, fine-tuned focus when a modal, flyout or panel on the landing page is opened or closed
  • Added an icon for external source link, and default to opening these in a new tab
  • Built logic that hides custom metadata fields with no value
  • Fixed formatting errors expressed in IE11
  • Clicking the “download” button in IE11 now actually prompts a download instead of doing nothing
  • Editing the description of an external resource with an image no longer clears the existing image

Fixes and improvements for Data Lens:

  • Maps in Data Lens now display the correct flyout for single rows located at a given point
  • Filtering in a point map in Data Lens now works as expected

Fixes and improvements to dataset grid view:

  • Fixed an issue with Google Maps used in Socrata that now require the use of an API key
  • Fixed an issue with creating a new view of a dataset and not being able to reliably save that view
  • Fixed geospatial datasets that erroneously have zero child layers
  • Fixed Catalan localization errors for admin menu and API docs

Operational improvements:

  • Work to prepare for the roll-out of new header and footer including bulk copying the HTML and CSS configs of all domains
  • Preparation and testing for migration to new FedRAMP environment



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