Perspectives Release Notes for 9/19/16: New Visualization Features

Advancements to the New Visualization Library

This is our third installment of improvements to the visualization library we rolled out to Perspectives in early August. Here’s the new functionality we built and released recently:

  • Chart creators can choose to show or hide axis labels for column charts and timeline charts.

  • Column charts with low cardinality will now intelligently autofit themselves into the bounds of the chart.  Charts with higher cardinality will let a viewer pan back and forth to see all columns.
  • If a map type is selected, the visualization automatically selects the geo-located column to visualize.
  • The authorship workflow now includes ‘busy’ indicators to let the user know when a request is being processed

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details on how the visualization library works.


Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Story page interaction improvements
    • Resizing a table column width in edit mode now correctly triggers a save and preserves the column widths for future views
    • Dropdown arrows in the rich text editor now render with the proper styling for IE11
    • “Access level” hover help text now working correctly in the Collaborators modal
    • Embedded hyperlink is no longer disabled when the color of the corresponding text is changed
    • Improved messaging and action when a user is accidentally logged into the same story in two different tabs
    • Images uploaded before the image cropping feature was developed can now reliably be cropped
    • Table no longer flickers upon story load; the formatting of the table footer, especially in small blocks, now displays correctly
  • Updates and fixes for new visualization library
    • Map opacity setting has improved: the basemap now fades into the background color of the page, instead of becoming more gray
    • The region selector for choropleth maps is now disabled when a no regions match the location data of the dataset
    • Custom flyout unit labels on a choropleth map now properly render when an aggregation function is also used


Check out our other Product News, and give us a shout at with questions or ideas.

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