Socrata Performance Release Notes for 10/19/16: Small Updates & Bug Fixes

Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Updates and fixes for the Goal Inventory
    • The “Undo” buttons for the Bulk Changes modal are now in the correct location, aligned with the corresponding fields.
    • The feedback modal no longer re-opens after clicking Send/Cancel on the feedback form. We still want feedback, we just won’t ask for it over and over again.
    • Navigating to an unconfigured goal from the quick edit modal no longer returns a 404 error; rather, it takes the user to the unconfigured goal page.
    • The Bulk Changes modal now contains a progress indicator to let the user know that changes are being saved to multiple goals.
    • Added accessibility improvements to the goal inventory: interactive elements now have roles, landmarks are included where appropriate, and <label> elements now include text.
    • The goal inventory now respects custom status text.
  • Fixes to goal pages and dashboards
    • In the accidental spirit of Halloween, zombie (deleted) goals were previously re-appearing on dashboards after the user saved the page; users can now reliably remove goals from a dashboard.
    • On a domain with no goals, the “My Goals” page and dashboard pages now allow users to reliably create a new goal.
    • Open Performance goal pages no longer intermittently display the yellow “Save As/Save/Revert” bar prompting users to save after making changes to a goal page; the Save bar now reliably prompts the user to save.
    • Similarly, edits made to the related measure summary now save reliably, rather than reverting to the original text.
    • Saving edits to a dashboard no longer corrupts links in the description box that contain a % symbol.
    • When using a federated dataset to power a goal, the “Explore the dataset” link on the prevailing measure now directs users to the correct URL.
  • Fixes for Report Builder
    • Certain report pages became inaccessible, instead displaying “Page not found” errors.  Those pages are now working as expected.  


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