API & DataSync Release Notes for 4/24/2018: DataSync 1.9.1

Version 1.9.0 of DataSync is Now Available

A new version of DataSync (1.9.0) has been released and is available for download here.

This new version comes with a number of updates:

  • A status bar in the GUI now provides better insight into how far along your job has progressed and the pace at which its progressing.
  • You no longer need to provide your app token as part of the authentication; you can simply keep your email and password.
  • The date format of yyyy-MM-dd is now included as a default value in the advanced options when mapping your columns.
  • Dates with commas now have improved support.
  • Port jobs can once again be run to copy a dataset from a domain where a user does not have write access to a domain where a user does have write access. For example, if you wanted to copy a public-facing dataset from one site onto the site where you are a data publisher.
  • When running a Port Job between two Socrata sites, the domain and credentials entered at the bottom of the GUI is now the destination site, as opposed to the site where the data is coming from.

Read the DataSync documentation for more details on how DataSync works.


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