Create and Manage a Measure

Create a Measure

When logged in on your site, expand the Create menu in the navigation header and click Measure:


On the next page, name your Measure:


Once you enter a name and click "Create Measure," you will be directed to the Configure Measure page.


For a complete walkthrough of how to configure your new Measure, see the Configure a Measure article.

Manage a Measure Using the Asset Action Bar

The Asset Action Bar at the top of the page gathers some of the most common actions you may need all in one place.


This bar allows you to do the following:

  1. The Edit button opens a draft of your Measure.
  2. The Publish button (only visible when you are in a draft) allows you to publish the Measure and to set its audience (e.g. private, public).
  3. The Manage Collaborators tool allows you to transfer ownership of the Measure, or add collaborators and individual viewers.
  4. The ... button reveals the "Delete this draft" option.


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