New Content Layout for Measures

Metric cards have undergone a design refresh. After gathering feedback on the presentation of the metric card, a few notable changes were made.



Highlights include:

  • The layout is optimized to ensure that, when there are metric cards with different configurations next to each other, each component vertically aligns. For example, if one measure has a target and another does not, you can expect now that the status flag will always be in the same location. 
  • The metric card title has an increased character count to ensure that the subject of your metric card is descriptive enough to convey the content. There is no hard limit on character count since metric card embeds can vary in size; larger embedded metric cards will show more characters than smaller embeds.
  • The target label has been removed from the metric card. When optimizing for space on the card, user feedback indicated that the calculation label can provide adequate context and that saving space for other components is of higher value. The target label still persists on the flyout on the metric visualization.


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