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Known issues are previously reported issues that may result in difficulty using some aspects of the platform. As possible, we’ll list a workaround below. 

content last updated September 12, 2018




Percent columns display as decimal in the visualization experience

Fix In Progress

Convert column type to number. Please reach out to if you need assistance. These columns will be bulk-migrated during the September maintenance window. For more information see this article: Deprecated Column Types 

Issues saving edits to visualizations created in the classic chart creation tool


To work around this issue, in the Visualize tab of the asset, make sure to click "Continue to classic chart creation" before making any modifications to the chart settings.

Region map (choropleth) cards on a Data Lens and region maps in the visualization canvas built for a dataset with multiple location columns can show data aggregated to the wrong location column without warning.


Refrain from creating region maps for datasets with multiple location columns. Users can create multiple datasets, each with one location column, in order to create the desired maps.

There is work planned to support multiple location columns and region maps for the future (timeline TBD), but the configuration is currently unsupported.



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