Financial Insights Release Notes for 8/20/2018: Enhancing search, discovery, and sharing

Integrated Open Finance

Just over a year ago, Socrata launched the Open Finance page, designed to coordinate and link different applications into a single environment to allow citizens and policymakers to seamlessly explore all of the financial information of a single public entity.

Last week, we released a major enhancement to Open Finance, allowing for different applications to be linked together in a single “integrated mode,” making exploration, discovery, and analysis of different financial datasets easier and more seamless than ever before. Users also benefit from an improved search experience that makes discovering data across applications dramatically easier and more accessible.


Now, when applications are linked via Open Finance, end users benefit from a more seamless, cohesive, flexible experience designed to improve the ease of discovery and exploration of financial data.


  • Linked applications can search not only their own data, but the data of other linked applications, allowing users to easily explore common topics through different financial lenses;
  • Linked applications have a common header, footer, branding, and navigation structure;
  • Linked applications all use the Open Finance site as a single integrated homepage, allowing for citizens to more easily understand a complete and cohesive picture of how tax dollars are collected and spent.

To enable integrated navigation across your Socrata applications, or to enable the Open Finance homepage, please reach out to

Search and Filters in Capital Projects Explorer

As our customers have loaded more and more projects into the Capital Projects Explorer, we have heard consistent requests to expand the filtering, search and discovery capabilities within the application to allow end users to more easily find what they are looking for amid more complex data.

We have added two key capabilities - configurable filters and smart search - that make it dramatically easier to interact with the projects within the Capital Projects Explorer application.

Configurable Filters allow administrators to configure additional filter facets, which appear as collapsable menus in the left navigation bar. Up to 5 additional facets can be configured, making it substantially easier to filter on fund, department, revenue source, and more.

Smart Search automatically filters the projects list based on a search term, allowing users to not only discover individual projects through search, but look for common sets of projects - to search for “road,” for example, to see all roadwork projects.

Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Open Expenditures:
    • End users can now embed the Vendor or Expense Report views in Perspectives or an external webpage.
  • Open Payroll:
    • End users can now embed the line chart view of any level of hierarchy, except for an individual employee, in Perspectives or an external webpage.
  • Open Budget:
    • Users can now embed the line chart view of any budget item, or embed the details of a single capital project in Perspectives or an external webpage.
    • Updates to allow the application to function with month or fiscal period level data.
  • Capital Projects Explorer:
    • The pins on the map in Capital Projects Explorer can now be colored based on location or another category.
    • Significant performance optimizations to enable a high-quality experience for sites with 500 - 2000 projects.
    • Administrators can now configure a tooltip for each point on the map showing additional details for each project, beyond its name.
    • Significant improvements to the mobile experience.
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