Scheduling Data in Data & Insights

Formerly the article for Scheduling Data Imported from URL.

With the Data & Insights Data Management Experience, comes the ability to schedule data updates for datasets that were created by importing from a URL and datasets that are connected through Data & Insights Gateway

Watch a short video on this process here: How to Automate Data from a URL

Creating a scheduled update

Once a dataset that is created from url or is set up to be updated through Gateway has been published, access the Primer page and select the Schedule Updates option.

For datasets imported by URL this will open a modal where you can configure the frequency of update in days, the time of day the update will occur, a run now option, and the import URL of the source data.



For a Gateway connection, you will have the same options for run now, frequency and time of day, as well as the details for the Agent, Plugin, and data source of the source data. Like datasets imported from a URL, there will also be a link to change the data source of the Gateway connection.


Editing a scheduled update

After scheduling has been setup, you can use the same steps as the above to access and edit it. In addition to the time of day, frequency, and source data, you will also be able to pause/resume or delete an existing schedule.


Updating the source

To update the URL used, select Change URL or Change Data Source Settings from the Schedule Automation for URL Datasets modal. This will open a draft of the dataset where a new source can be configured. From there, you can apply additional changes to the dataset such as display formatting, transforms, etc. Once the draft is published, the updated source of the dataset will be used on the next scheduled run.

Monitoring datasets with scheduled updates

There are few options for monitoring datasets that have scheduled updates. 

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