Story Templates

It is now possible to create new Stories based on new templates designed to meet your needs for Dashboards, Reporting, and more! Templates pre-populate your new Story page with organized content blocks and headers, helping you ensure consistent and professional presentation as you create new Story pages for your domain. Once you choose a template, its content can be interacted with just as easy to modify as a normal custom Story layout.

Using Story Templates

1. To get started, create a new Story as usual by clicking Create in your header bar, selecting Story from the drop-down, and naming your new Story.

2. A generic new Story draft will open. Toward the top right of your Asset Action Bar you will see a templates icon (hovering over this icon will expand to show the "Templates" text). Click this to view available templates:

3. You can now review multiple template options organized into the Landing Page, Dashboards, Reports, and Tracking Measures categories:

4. Select a template to get started:

5. Click into the various content blocks, headers, etc. in the template to complete your Story. Templates are easy to modify - you can always use one as a jumping-off point and customize as desired.

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